There’s been a lot of talk about trading for a living and making money just off intra-day price fluctuations in the markets.

  • While this is absolutely possible, many traders typically suffer severe financial losses in their first months of trading or never even graduate to profit-making status.
  • The truth is, trading is often glamorized as an easy path to riches.
  • I know this because I’ve been trading for the past 16 years and been through all the ups and downs.
  • It all started way back with my P.H.D…Polytechnic Halfway Drop-out. Never one for the books, I joined the Navy and started trading with my own money.
  • Did I make money?
  • Of course, even managed to accumulate $300,000 in profits.
  • Did I lose money?
  • Oh boy did I ever…I lost everything and ended up with the same amount in debts.
  • What did I learn?
  • It’s easy to think you’re a trading guru in a bullish market but when things goes sour, you’re in deep trouble if you’ve been relying on simple strategies and good old fashion luck.
  • It has taken me years of trial and error to learn the keys to trading successfully. By mastering price action strategies, I’m able to identify significant changes in trends and consistently make successful trading decisions.
  • Many traders have been applying long-term indicators to direct their short-term trading.
  • If you’ve been trading and losing money, my bet is you’re probably one of them.
  • But don’t worry, I’ve been through that route…and I’m here to help.
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