Corporate Courses1

For those learning about commodities or option trading, this is a valuable educational resource. This programme from a short description of the commodities trading to an in depth discussion of commodity market trading and provides a wealth of information to the participants.

Programme Objectives

  • Participants to be able to understand movement of oil prices beyond headline crude oil news
  • To be able to under the flow of commodity products
  • To able to identify the major players in the markets
  • Understanding of the value of hedging in the entire flow cycle

Learning Outcomes Participants should be able to:

  • Ideally to be able to identify the factors behind commodity price movements
  • To quantify the impact of such price determining factors
  • To differentiate between players who hedge and value them accordingly
  • Understanding the impact of the hedge instruments on the value of players

Programme Structure

  • A concise 3 hours session into the basics of commodity price management. Consisting largely of a classroom style teaching with real life examples