Singapore Leading Investing Courses – CyberQuote

With more than 18 years of track record in the financial industry, CyberQuote (“CQ”) has built a reputable name among the financial players as a quality training institution.

Over the years, as the financial market evolved, trading and investment strategies have become more sophisticated. Education and training are now essential for investors and finance professionals. Looking ahead of changes, CQ constantly develops and enhances our range of courses, seminars and workshop for novices, professional traders and investors.  This will equip them with knowledge, know-how and skills to trade diligently.

In CQ’s lifelong learning stratagem, we believe that knowledge, theories, experiences and skills are valuable tools for successful trading. Our trainers regularly undertake coaching assignment in trading. hence they’re able to deliver ideas, systems and methods to the participants.

In CQ we believe in the importance of equipping our investors and professional traders with the right tools to grow their investments. Our trainers adopt practical teaching approach with close references to industry practices and examples to make learning process more enjoyable.

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