Employee Stock Management Systems

Employee Stock Management Systems

Employees Shares Plan Management System is a web-based system that manages the shares distributions to the employees. This system incorporates 3 modules, namelyEmployees Shares Options Scheme (cqESOS), Employees Shares Ownership Plan (cqESOP) and Employees Shares Purchase Plan (cqESPP) , to provide companies with a one-stop solution in managing share benefit schemes.

Benefits of Employees Shares Plan Management System (cqESPM)

  • The 3 shared-based systems can be installed and operated independently
  • Reduce administration effort, and ease status tracking , with auto-reporting
  • Integrated modules with Share Registrar, Trustee, Broker, and Dealer
  • Providing self-service to employees on a 24×7 basis
  • Reduce manual computation of shares distribution and minimizing human error
  • Auto-monitoring and reminder when plan vesting period is approaching or expiring
  • The system owner (HR/Legal/Finance/Trustee) will know the Big Picture with real-time information:
  • The total no. of shares issued and issuable to employees
  • The no. of employees who have accepted, rejected or pending before due date of a shares plan, and the associated no. of shares
  • The increase in share capital due to share-based incentive schemes
  • The total no. of shares pending approval/waiting for payment
  • Every stage of the process flow to minimize delays as work-flow management exists in the system
  • Allow acceleration on the conversion of shares under exceptional circumstances
  • Alerted to take appropriate action for staff who is no longer with the firm
  • Blackout periods will be strictly enforced by the system
  • Paperless transactions unless reports need to be printed
  • IR8B and forms for SGX & CDP are automatically generated

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